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Why Us

Exec Armor executives have over 20 years of armored vehicle manufacturing and design experience. The professional team of engineers, mechanics, certified welders (Canadian Welding Bureau certified) and automotive technicians make Exec Armor a leader in the global marketplace. With state of the art manufacturing facilities in Canada, USA, Europe and the Middle East, Exec Armor uses only the finest craftsmanship and dedicated resources for each vehicle conversion. Safety is our number one priority on every vehicle we make we use only the best materials and the latest in armored luxury vehicle technology when making our cars.

Production LineDanger is an every day reality in many parts of the world; our Armored Cars give that feeling of safety and security

We have many armored sedans to choose from, starting with a simple Toyota Camry all the way to a luxurious Mercedes S-Class. We make sure that all our vehicles maintain their original appearance, so they stay indistinguishable from the original manufacturers. We alter not only the vehicles materials but also modify everything starting from the gearbox all the way to the engine; we do everything to ensure our customers safety all while keeping their comfort in mind as well.

An armored car is an investment that can mean the difference between life and death

All of our sedans have protection levels that range from handgun to high-powered rifles with armor piercing bullets. The entire roof area is armored thoroughly using advanced ballistic plate contoured to shape of roof. We remove all the original glass and replace it with multi-layered ballistic glass. All of these features are just a fraction of what comes as standard in all our builds. Besides these safety features we offer other additions starting from a simple TV screen all the way to an engine modification or installing heavy-duty brakes.

Welding Inside the VehicleAre armored vehicles will meet and exceed your demand for security

We are one of the only companies on the market that let our customers choose their vehicle not from a list but from any mark or model. The protection levels we offer are very adjustable, our cars are utterly customizable both functionality wise and cosmetically. Besides safety comfort and appearance are our main concerns, that’s why our vehicles are built to be an all around nice and pleasurable place to be inside.

We stand behind our armored cars

Our sedans are state of the art armored cars that look nice and are extremely reliable, no matter what car you buy from us you can rest assured that we build them for any situation and they can be relied on.



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