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  • Protection levels range from hand gun to high powered rifles with armor piercing bullets 

  • Entire passenger area armored with ballistic plate throughout overlapped in all areas 

  • Entire roof area armored throughout using ballistic plate contoured to shape of roof

  • All original glass removed and replaced with multi-layered ballistic glass 

  • Fuel tank armored and sealed 

  • Battery and computer armored 

  • Run flat tires installed in all tires including spare 

  • Firewall armored throughout 

  • Door hinges reinforced from interior of door and frame of vehicle to reduce stress of weight added 

  • Floor armored throughout to protect against grenade blasts 

  • Front fenders armored to protect against side impact bullets 

  • Armored louvered Radiator protection concealed behind hood of vehicle 

  • Powered glass operations 4-6 inches if required 

  • Customized tailpipe protection

Vehicle Specification
  • 4.6 V8
  • 429 hp
  • All wheel drive 4-matic
  • 7-Speed Automatic
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