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Apr 7, 2017
What To Look For In Armored BMWs When it comes to sedans and SUVs, you name it and BMW has it. The way with which these vehicles were made earned the German company the respect that it needs in the world of luxury cars. Any business executive or famous person will definitely want to own any model from this formidable brand. Way beyond the captivating built of models coming from the manufacturer however, you will surely love to integrate more features to any BMW car. This is where armored BMWs enter the picture. 
The promise of manufacturers integrating armored vehicle features with luxury cars such as those coming from BMW is to make sure it meets the demands of consumers. Topping those demands is no less than keeping in mind the purpose behind why you want such an elegant car armored. Along this line, you should know what to look for when eyeing to own an armored BMW. Here's a list to help you with.
Heavily-armored vehicles

Some armored vehicle manufacturers will only focus on a particular spot of the vehicle when it comes to ensuring your safety. Often, their attention will be limited to those vehicle parts commonly targeted by the enemy. There are those of you who may be contented with that but why look for those kinds of armored vehicles when you can have yourself protected at all levels?
Yes. Whilst there are armored vehicle manufacturers who will offer you limited protection for your luxurious car, there are those who ensure you can have your BMW heavily-armoured. You can be sure that ballistic plates follow the contour of your vehicle in every exposed part – from the passenger and driver doors to the roof and even the fuel tank. To make it work for your protection even more, it will be good to note that the original glass is removed then replaced with ballistic glass.
Protection from all types of weapons
When you think of armored BMWs and any armored vehicle for that matter, the first thing that will come to mind is to get protection from bullets that may hit your car. Remember that guns are not the only weapons your enemies have. The truth is that highly-explosive equipment like a grenade can blast your car without proper armouring. Note that if an armored vehicle manufacturing company has your security in mind, you can be protected from all sorts of weapons that can possibly bring your luxurious car down. These companies will then make sure that the floor is heavily armored for your utmost protection.
Customised protection
A heavily-armoured vehicle will look useless if the smallest parts are not given the attention that it needs. This is why it is very important to consider that every single part of the vehicle is protected from your enemy's cause. It will be nice to have an armored BMW that offers customised protection specifically for the tailpipes. Remember that this part is one of the common targets of 'bad men'. You will also definitely love the idea of incorporating powered glass operations for your windows to protect you during the attack.
As you can see, multi-level protection is very important when you want a luxurious vehicle such as BMW cars armored. You have to check that your security is always kept in mind. But of course, in line with these features, the usual comfort you expect from the brand should never be sacrificed in the process of converting the usual cars into an armored vehicle. Therefore, if you are looking to have an armored BMW, it will always be good to talk to the manufacturer, and make sure to discuss your expectations with them.


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