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Aug 9, 2017
Trending Armored Vehicles in 2017-2018
The armored vehicle industry is among the most dynamic with the need to constantly evolve to keep up with the changing times and advancements in the world of weapons and ammunition. Furthermore, the requirements of its vast clientele base also vary greatly and there is need for individuals to get the right information on the latest trends in order to make the best choice for utmost security. Here are a few of the predicted favorites and the exciting new features they have to offer.

BMW 7 Series

Armored sedans are among the most discrete options for clients who need the protection offered but want to blend in with other motorists. The BMW 7 series appears to be more or less similar to regular vehicles but is prepared to withstand quite a host of eventualities.
This series of vehicles offer the unique advantage of having been designed from scratch as an armored version unlike some that are reinforced in the after-market. This means that its performance is not in any way compromised as it would be in case the armor plating were retrofitted.
The vehicle’s suspension is structured to handle all the extra weight of the all-round bullet-proof steel plating. It also offers protection against gas and fire attacks, sealing off all vents, shutting doors and windows and pumping in a supply of filtered air in case of a biological attack and in case of fire, an alarm system triggers automatic extinguishers.
The heavy duty run flat tires, 6-speed automatic transmission and heavy payload aluminum wheels set it in a class of its own.  It is also the first vehicle in the world to qualify for BRV 2009 certification and meets both VR7 and VR9 ballistic protection requirements.

Mercedes GL Series

SUV lovers are not left behind this season. The Mercedes GL series offers the perfect combination of luxury and top off-road performance. Its chrome finish is comparable to none and gives it quite the regal touch.
The vehicle comfortably seats up to 7 passengers and comes equipped with ballistic glass all round and all its opaque material from doors to frames and everything around the passenger section reinforced with ballistic steel plating. Its fuel tank is protected and the front fenders, battery and radiator are all armored.
It is the first one of its kind to offer 7-speed auto transmission and can go from zero to 60MPH in precisely 6.6 seconds. It has blast protection both on the roof and floor and all tire systems are run flat.

Toyota Hilux

This armored 4x4 is one of the most popular vehicles for humanitarian organizations worldwide as well as commercial entities working in high risk areas. It is an extremely hardy vehicle for all terrain and therefore highly dependable. The armored version is discrete and can easily pass for a regular truck helping in situations when you need to remain inconspicuous. 
Its floor and roofing are completely armored with precisely contoured plates to fit the vehicle’s design. The windows are multilayered and the front fender reinforced against side impact bullets. This truck carries a black box vehicle management system and has a secret switch to kill the tail lights. The exhaust pipe is also reinforces with an anti-explosion insert, it has a back-up battery, an intercom system and in case of engine fire, a suppression system to keep you safe.
With the ever escalating reports of terrorist attacks and kidnappings, the demand for armored vehicles is on a steady rise. You might be working a high risk job or living in a volatile region. Your type of business could also predispose you to targeted attacks. Regardless of your situation, there is a perfect option to keep you secure and stress-free. And even though armoring up requires quite a bit of financial input, no one can put a price on human life. 


Dec 1, 2017

Aug 9, 2017 The demand for vehicles that off...
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