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Aug 9, 2017
Top Tips To Prevent Precious Cargo Theft
In order to prevent a criminal attack on your precious cargo, one must think like a criminal and find ways to tackle all possible loopholes. Criminals are evolving faster than most security systems and in order to beat them at their game, you must remain a step ahead at all times. Here are a few important features to look for when shopping for an armored jeep or any other vehicle meant for the transportation of precious freight:

Armored Bulk-Head 

This refers to a partitioned area just behind the driver and his passenger designed to secure the cargo in transit. It is built to fit snugly into the body of the vehicle and is most often made of impenetrable steel. Apart from securing the driver and others against injury from cargo movement especially in an accident, it is also used to deter criminals from accessing its contents. Subsequently, the bulk-head in an armored vehicle is bullet-resistant, and is steel-paneled to ballistic level requirements. These vehicles feature very small talk-screens to connect the front and back.

Electric Door Locks

The vehicles are also normally fitted with electric door lock systems as well as a back-up system on all of their entrances so that in case one fails then security is not compromised.

Inbuilt Drop Safe

This feature reduces the need to handle cash particularly for cash-in-transit drivers and others. This is a system that only allows its users to deposit money but not necessarily access. It is very technologically advanced, offering the option of communicating all deposits made to a designated recipient.

This therefore makes it possible to keep track of all monies received and immediately notifies the relevant person in case of a breach. It has been proven to be very effective against inside jobs by dishonest employees and its complexity also generally deters criminals.

Tracking and Geo-fencing

There has been so many cases reported of fake drivers or fake cargo companies making a deceptive pick-up only to vanish from the radar as soon as they make the first turn. This has necessitated the need to come up with techniques to prevent such eventualities. 

This security method involves the installation of GPS devices on the armored vehicle and marking specific boundaries so that in case one strays beyond this zone then either an alarm is sounded or the vehicle is remotely immobilized.

Vehicle Immobilizers

This technology makes use of codes to block or unblock vehicle operation systems. It works within certain boundaries and is normally used hand in hand with GPS systems. It can be managed using any device that can access the internet, even your cell phone. 

The system will require an application to be installed on your device using whose interface you can now run it from virtually anywhere. As soon as a stolen vehicle is switched off by the criminal, then switching it back on again is impossible. Vehicles with such systems are usually fitted with stickers to discourage thieves in the first place from taking your vehicle and going through all that. 

Multi-Tiered Security Systems

The best and most advanced cargo transportation vehicles strive to utilize a combination of several of the above features to ensure that their security is at no time compromised. Considering the losses that are usually incurred after a theft, the cost involved in securing the cargo is well worth it in the long run. Seeing as it is a one-time expense and the benefits stretch out into the indefinite future, it would be wise to make such an investment and prevent criminal exploitation.
By getting appropriate information and making good use of it in the use of armored cargo vehicles, it is possible to prevent the theft of your precious cargo and avoid the countless hours of anxiety and the financial loss that may result from such incidences.


Dec 1, 2017

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