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Jul 10, 2017
The History and Evolution of Bulletproof Glass  Early Discoveries

Bulletproof glass was revealed by mere accident in the middle of 17th century. Prince Rupert’s Drops arose in England by placing molten glass into cold water that made the glass almost imperishable. The resultant teardrop-shaped objects could effortlessly endure a severe effect to the rounded end but would shatter upon even the slenderest blow to the tail end. In 1903, Edouard Benedictus, a French chemist inadvertently dropped a flask on the ground. As the flask held liquid nitrate solution, which coated the glass with a plastic layer, the flask broke, but did not shatter. That year is marked as the beginning for the R&D (Research & Development) of bulletproof glass.

From Military to Museums

The rapid evolution of bulletproof glass indicates to its popularity in commercial and military use. The advancement of thicker and more hard-wearing versions of bulletproof glass that were fitted in gas masks, trucks and transportation vehicles to shield soldiers on the battlefield. Due to its high cost, personal vehicles with ballistic glass were only reasonably priced to criminals and the upper class. One of the most common uses of bulletproof glass started in 1981 when the vehicle of Pope John Paul II was prepared with this protective material; the move was encouraged by a murder attempt that took place in May of that year. The Musée du Louvre decided to put the Mona Lisa behind bulletproof glass after it was attacked by acid and rocks in 1956.

Exec Armor Bulletproof Glass

Exec Armor armored vehicles offer prototypical ballistic competences by preparing its vehicles with high-quality bulletproof glass. Prior to its installation, bulletproof glass goes through a stringent quality control methods to make sure its quality and durability is up to mark. Exec Armor’s ballistic glass can endure attacks from repetitive and dynamic blows and has high devotion and resistance in contrast to other glass systems in the market. The glass is also scratch resilient, has no delamination and filters ultra-violet rays. With the widespread knowledge of our experienced team, Exec Armor is able to offer multifaceted security solutions using bulletproof glass of varied size or security levels. 

Execarmor has been recognized as a leader in today’s armoring industry with many satisfied customers worldwide.Our executives have over 20 years of armored vehicle manufacturing and design experience. The professional team of engineers, mechanics, certified welder (Canadian Welding Bureau Certified) and automotive technicians make Execarmor a leader in the global marketplace. There is a large range of vehicles and brands available here at competitive rates. 


Dec 1, 2017

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