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May 8, 2017
Reasons Why The Armored Car Is The Car Of The Century
The majority of people demand only what is essential from a car's basic function. If it performs the function of transporting them safely to their destination, then their fears are averted. Common features such as stability control, airbags and crash-avoidance are perceived as enough to help steer the drivers and their passengers away from serious injuries.  For others, a car is more than just a means of transportation. It needs to provide exceptional levels of performance, security and comfort.  Let's take at one of the best examples of a vehicle that goes beyond its transportation function – the armoured Range Rover Sentinel – and discover why armoured cars are our future.

Luxury meets protection

First launched in 2015, the Sentinel looks deceptively similar to any SUV out there.  However, this is far from the truth. It comes with the exceptional finishing expected of an automobile with Range Rover pedigree. Its interior is available in Dark Cherry, Ebony and Ivory options with plush leather upholstery. Heated and ventilated seats as well as a comprehensive entertainment system ensures that occupants are connected for work and play on the go. 
The Sentinel features the highest level of protection available for armoured cars with a B8 rating. Perhaps the most interesting feature about the Sentinel is that it has a 360 degree, six-part safety cell able to withstand armour piercing rounds, TNT explosives and grenade attacks. 
Its entire roof is armoured using a ballistic plate contoured to the shape of the roof. Beneath the enamel is a steel plated passenger cell. The SUV also has a multi-laminated privacy glass window which opens up to 9 inches, allowing papers to be slipped in or out without compromising security.  

State of the art security and performance features

The following are security and performance features that come standard in the Sentinel: 

- Its tires are run-flat. This means that the car can speed off even when its tires are shot at or have been slashed.
- The Sentinel has a supercharged, 3.0 litre V6 petrol engine with a ZF 8-speed box.
- The car has bulletproof glass, a self-sealing, armoured fuel tank and anti-tamper exhaust system.
- The car has upgraded suspension, over-spec brakes and excellent weight distribution.
- This Range Rover has a customized tail pipe protection, door hinges reinforced from the interior and frame of the car to reduce the stress of the weight added.
- Its floor is armoured to protect against blasts from underneath and its front fenders are armoured to offer stellar side protection.

Manufactured by Land Rover’s special vehicle operations

The Sentinel is the first Range Rover model engineered by Land Rover’s Special Vehicle Operations or SVO unit. This division, which is behind the car brand, Jaguar, is also responsible for the engineering, luxury, performance and technology found in the Sentinel. The combination of the Land Rover and Jaguar heritage make this car truly unique as two renowned car makers, one known for sport and luxury and the other for the outdoor capability, collaborated on developing this armoured Range Rover.
Why would you want to purchase an armoured Range Rover and not just an ordinary Range Rover?  The Range Rover already has a long-standing reputation as an elegant and capable SUV.  However, the armoured Range Rover goes beyond the basic security features found in its non-armoured variant. The Sentinel’s ability to withstand high levels of ballistic attacks elevate the standard Range Rover’s status from a top SUV to a world-class automobile worthy of an oil Sheikh, statesman or mogul.  
If you are a high value target, or reside in a high risk area, or travel frequently to a region where the potential for armed attacks is likely, the Sentinel would prove to be a more assuring decision over non-armoured vehicles. With the growth in terrorist attacks, civilian-led protests, and so many unknown elements in a complicated world today, the armoured car is here to safeguard our future. 


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