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Aug 9, 2017
How Top Executives Can Travel In Total Security And Comfort The demand for vehicles that offer the highly elusive combination of luxury and comfort is ever on the rise. VIPs spend a lot of time on the road and as such, both of these features are of equal importance but also extremely hard to find. Recent advancements in the design and manufacture of armored luxury cars has seen quite a number of features introduced that ensure the comfort and safety of top executives and offer so much more. Let's find out about these features.

Elegance Meets Sophistication In The Armored Audi A8

The Audi A8 can be designed to withstand both an explosive attack and a high powered machine gun assault. It comes preinstalled with an intercom system in case there is need to communicate with persons on the outside without compromising the safety of its passengers. It also comes equipped with an escape door, an airtight system to prevent seepage of poisonous gas into the vehicle in case of a biochemical attack while at the same time circulating purified air to its occupants. This vehicle can be remotely operated and maneuvered using its auto-start feature. 

Power Versus Style In The Armored Ford Taurus

The armored Ford Taurus is one of the latest additions to the industry. It features the latest armor panels that are capable of withstanding ammunition as high as .30 caliber. Bullets fired at this monster break apart on impact preventing penetration and ensuring that shrapnel will not get past this point.
Not even the AK-47 or the most powerful hunting rifle is able to make it through the protective paneling. They have extra stability control features that keep the vehicle rooted to the ground and prevent it from rolling even in case of a bomb explosion. It’s extremely spacious interior is an unbeatable demonstration of exquisite attention to detail.

The Sleek Powerhouse That Is The Armored Maybach

The Mercedes-Maybach has been termed the epitome of class and rightly so. Its extra-long structure makes for a roomy interior designed to resemble business class in a plane. The rear seats only two passengers with the bulk of the remaining space taken up by comfort features like leg rests, TV screens, foldable tables, cup holders and lots more. 
It requires a mere 5.2 seconds to accelerate from zero to 60MPH and its lightweight armoring materials ensure that its speed and general performance are at no time compromised.  

Ideal Synthesis of Class and Safety In The Armored Rolls Royce Phantom

As the name suggests, the regular version of this vehicle and the armored one are almost impossible to distinguish. Its outer shell boasts a combination of composite fiber and special steel that make this fortress virtually impenetrable. Even an AK-47 fired from a distance of 10 feet has no effect on it!
The chassis of the armored version is reinforced to handle the additional weight that results from the ballistic security features installed on the roof, the floor and overlapped all around. The fuel tank is protected by a steel casing and all of the vehicles tires including the spare are run-flat. 
This vehicle is not simply a status symbol as it is viewed by some. It holds real substance to its claims to be the most luxurious car in the world. It offers innumerable options in color, interior personalization options and general design. It is among the most technologically advanced automobiles and is the ultimate choice for the crème de la crème.
One of the most outstanding features of all of the above luxury armored cars is that they are made to blend in with other automobiles perfectly. Being inconspicuous implies that the likelihood of having an executive singled out with criminal intent is very slim. It is therefore possible to travel in style without a single worry in the world!


Dec 1, 2017

Aug 9, 2017 The demand for vehicles that off...
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