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Jul 10, 2017
How to Choose the Right Armored Car for You  

An armored vehicle is required to be stripped down to the frame to fit in the armor in areas such as the floor to guard underneath the vehicle against I.E.D.'s and grenades. Additionally, the roof will also offer protection from rooftop shots. All side pillars and door hinges must be armour-plated to manage the extra weight of the steel inclusive of the thick bullet resistant glass in the doors.

First and foremost, you must decide about the level of security you’re looking for in your vehicle.

Here at Exec Armor, we start our armored window packages at what is known as a “B4” bulletproof rating. The B4 rating delivers defence against most handguns. “B5” bulletproof rating then takes up the level to offer shield from AK-47s. The most widespread bulletproof package includes “B6” bulletproof windows. The “B6,” gaging at around 40mm thick, will halt high-powered rifles such as an AR-15, while parting the passengers uninjured on the inside. The “B6” armoring is the most well-known because it’s a great amalgamation of size, defence and viability. The sturdiest protection that we deliver is known as “B7” armoring, which is the same protection that the President of the United States has on his personal Cadillac. This bulletproof armor will stop armor piercing rounds and fundamentally anything one could put to their shoulder.

Once you have made up your mind regarding what kind of bulletproof windows you would like in your vehicle, then it’s time to select on body armor. Exec Armor is home to the industry leader in bulletproof armor, Armormax. The unique thing about Armormax, is that it’s entirely custom fit in every vehicle. Clients can choose where they’d like the armor: be it in the doors, roof, floor, quarters, pillar posts and/or. Clients can pick precisely where they would like to place the armor.

The most common package that we have here at Exec Armor is what we call “The Presidential Package,” which entails of “B6” bulletproof windows, full armor in the vehicle, roof protection, and bomb protection in the floor. Once you make your mind on the armoring package, don’t overlook about the extras! Exec Armor has supplementary options that turn an already great armored car into an amazing one. They have run-flat tires, electrified door handles, smokescreens, external PA/sirens, and amplified external listening systems.

There are certain factor which you may consider in order to pick the right kind of armored vehicle, suiting your respective needs. The factors are as follows:

1.     Assess Your Protection Needs

2.      Determine the Project Budget

3.      Compare Leasing and Buying

4.      Consider Other Cars in the Class

5.      Consider All the Costs of Ownership

6.      Find Cars for Sale

7.      Set Up a Test-Drive

8.      What to Look for in a Test-Drive

9.      Protection at Work & Home

10.   Time to Buy or Lease


EXECARMOR manufacturers a wide variety of Armored Cars, Armored SUVs, Armored Trucks and Armored Luxury Vehicles with a proven track record of providing quality products to its large elite customer base. Execarmor is a reputed firm with 20 years of experience. We have a team of skilled professionals. The team makes sure to provide quality materials to the customers. There is a large range of vehicles and brands available here at competitive rates. The firm has a quick turnaround and an outstanding service support committment. 


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