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May 1, 2017
Discovering Different Models Of Armored Sedans
Sedans are one of the most common cars found on the road. However, the maker of the car and the design determines what makes one car stand apart from the other. Ever since companies started included armor in the cars that they make, the demand for bulletproof cars has been on the increase.  We can attribute the demand to an increasing wave of violence over the recent years.  
Because of this, the special feature of including armor for extra protection has been on the rise especially for high profile individuals whose live may be at risk because of the work that they do. If you belong to that category here is a list of bulletproof cars that you could use ensure that your life and those close to you are safe.
Rolls-Royce Phantom Armored
Rolling into first position is the Rolls-Royce Phantom Armored. Rolled out into 2007 this symbol of luxury and class was made to the highest level of B7. The phantom looks like its standard version. But what makes it different from the standard version is the high-tech fiber composites with reinforced purposed steel to protection to the bodywork. A polycarbonate layer is fitted inside the car for additional protection. 
It can withstand steel hard core bullets and an AK47 attack from 10ft away. The Rolls-Royce Armored car gives the same comfort as would any other Rolls-Royce. The only difference is that it gives that extra protection and security that the other ranges don’t give. So if you like the classic kind of protection then the Rolls-Royce is your kind of sedan.
Audi-Black A 8L Security
The Audi comes into take second place in this list with its VR9-level protection. This means that it can endure an attack from an assault fire rifle with armor piercing ammunition. In terms of speed the A 8l security has a speed of 130.5 miles per hour. For the seasoned criminal this may not be good for a fast getaway but for the high end dignitary, it's good enough be whisked away to the next meeting.
The A 8L has an enhanced technology that allows its inhabitants to communicate with the outside world while the windows are still up using external microphones and a loudspeaker. 
Maybach 62
The Maybach is for the individual that has the confidence and the street smarts to ride in this bulletproof car. Another super luxury car, this car caters to the egos of super rich and the influential personalities that run the world. The car is made up of steel and kevlar that is infused into the body of the car during construction. In terms of speed the Maybach can hit 62 miles an hour in 5.7 second. This car makes for a good getaway car from high risk areas and intense situations. 
Mercedes Benz S-Class S600 Guard
The latest in the line of 80 year old armored cars by Mercedes, the S600 guard is the latest model based on the W222s class. Just as it predecessors before it, this engine is a fine testament of German engineering at its best. The car boasts of having full body protection against continuous automatic weapons like the M60 machine gun which uses 7.62 x 51 mm rounds. The windows on this beast are so heavy and thick they need a hydraulic press to open and close the windows. This armored Mercedes is so sleek and high-tech that it has its own oxygen system that seals out all exterior vents and gives oxygen to its inhabitants. 
For every influential individual or even gold plated Sheikh or even insecure celebrity running away from the sleuths, there is an armored car that can cater to the needs of these individual. If you belong to the upper echelons of society then one of these cars can cater to your desires. 


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