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Dec 1, 2017
Amoured Range Rover - Stylish, Powerful and Save Armoured SUV It is a sobering reality that based on your lifestyle, in your daily routine you may run the risk of being shot at, bombed or worse. For many this would be justification to stay at home where you feel safe. Well, wouldn’t it be great if you could take to the road in a vehicle where you also felt the same level of protection and comfort as you do at home. When many people think of armored cars they will often think of heavily armored limousines. Those can be quite impractical and not that useful for day to day driving. For the car owner that wants the feel of protection and still great practical performance in a car, an Armored Range Rover might be the perfect choice. To the casual observer, it would not be immediately apparent that your Range Rover is indeed fully armored and capable of protecting you from a variety of assaults that would be deadly in an unprotected vehicle. This is perfect for those that do not want to advertise that they are in a position where they have to be ready for anything and anyone at any time.

What does my armored Range Rover protect me from?

If you are looking to purchase a used armored vehicle, or perhaps a new armored vehicle, the protection will be just a complete. When it comes to your personal safety, we plan for every eventuality and make sure that you are able to sit back, safe in the knowledge that your armored Range Rover is one of the safest armored executive vehicles available. Our armored cars will of course protect you from everything from handguns to armor piercing bullets with the whole passenger section of the car protected with protective plates that overlap. The roof has a special covering that is contoured so that the high level of protection that it provides does not take away from the design of the Range Rover. In the case where the car is attacked by explosives or grenade blasts, you will also be protected. The protection of the armored Range Rover that we supply you with is second to none. If attack by these sorts of weapons is something that you need to safeguard against, then you should absolutely not take any chances driving around in an unprotected vehicle. armored range rover

How is my armored range rover protected?

One of the most vulnerable areas of any car during an attack is the glass. In regular, unprotected Range Rovers, there is little to no protection provided by the glass if someone is willing to smash it to get to the passengers or driver. For this reason all of the original glass is taken out from the Range Rover and replaced with the most advanced multi-layered ballistic glass. This is one of the most important elements of an armored car. There is no point in having the other ballistic plates installed if the glass is standard windshield glass. Another important aspect to making sure that your Range Rover is fully protected, is to have the battery, computer, and radiator protected. If the car can be easily disabled then this will make you vulnerable also, even with all of the additional protection. Having the confidence that your car will continue to run even when under assault with weapons is essential to any armored Range Rover owner. It is also very important that the tailpipe is adequately protected, as this is another component of the car you will need to remain functioning if you are to safely drive away from a dangerous situation. There are many other elements to an armored Range Rover that help to protect you and your passengers should the worse happen. All you need to do now is, go about your business with much greater peace of mind.


Dec 1, 2017

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